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You get 27 recorded videos with a step-by-step process of recording vocals on a pre-made instrumental track.

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Your Mentor, Satyam

➡️ Ableton Certified Instructor

➡️ Berklee College Graduate

➡️ 7+ Years of Experience

➡️ Taught 100+ Students



Covering everything you need to

learn the art of vocal recording and post processing.



A simple drag and drop chain with macro knobs to Mix Vocals.



20 individual stems of the song to practice along.

Free Vocal Chain

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Pre-mapped plugins

Quickly clean your vocals 

Quick Test with a simple drag & drop.

Creative Fx knobs like Radio, Silk Chorus, Delays and Reverb.

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All in one vocal mixing chain for all levels of producers.

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Rs 6,999

Rs 2,999.00⚡️


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💭 Is this course Recorded or Online?

It's an HQ recorded course where Satyam teaches you how to set up, record, mix and master your song.

💭 How is it different from any other Online Course?

Compared to any course online, We have complied all the skills and our years of experience into a step by step tutorial guide that you can avail for Lifetime.

With so much content online. It gets super frustrating for students to have an understanding of the correct sequences of steps to follow to have a proper understanding of this subject.

This course is covered in Hindi/English and solves that exact problem by delivering 12-14 High Quality Videos that are a guide for any beginner, or intermediate producer.

💭 What is different from Free Content You have on Youtube? Why a Paid Course?

When it comes to free content, we usually take the art for granted, we save the reels and never follow back, never practice the skill or implement it. Nowadays it has become a source of pure entertainment.

The paid course offers clear step-by-step guidance that you don't find in a free youtube video. Rather than the content itself, the sequence of how you learn things really matters a lot. For a person learning this art form from scratch, leaving any step of the process can be problematic.

💭 What all Equipment I need to do this course?

You can watch these videos anywhere either on your laptop or your phone. But if you want to practice along and not just see the course.

Then we recommend having a:

1. A decent Laptop (Windows or Mac).

2. Headphones

3. Download 90 Day trial of Ableton Live (the software we use in this course). https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/

4. A sound card and a Microphone. (Is a must if you want to record your own vocals).

💭 Where do I download the Stems of the Song?

You need to be in the Mixing Part of the Course. You will find 2 lessons here and there is a zip file attached you can find.

Please write to us at info@silkroadstudios.in and we'll reply back with the stems. (if you have enrolled in the course).

💭 Where are the Stems of the Song, that is mentioned in the Course?

You can find attachments in the 4th and the 5th Chapter of the Course. Where we cover Mixing and Mastering.

You can see a blue text saying attachments when you are about to click on the Lesson.

Still, facing issues? Contact info@silkroadstudios.in